Progress up to September 2019

Species accounts

By 15th September 2019 all but 11 species of the 502 on the Welsh List had been allocated to authors. First drafts have been produced for all the rare/scarce species (those considered by the WRP or BBRC), and there are also drafts for 94  of the commoner species. The editing of these accounts is in progress. Most authors have been asked to complete a first draft of the accounts for the species allocated to them by the end of October 2019 if possible.

Introductory material

Julian Hughes is taking responsibility for the introductory chapters. An outline of these chapters has been produced and agreed, and working has started on writing drafts.


We are now on the lookout for good photographs to illustrate the species accounts; an Illustrations Editor is being appointed and if you’d like to submit photographs for consideration, please contact Kelvin Jones.

Publicity and fund raising

A sub-group is driving publicity and fund raising – at present fund raising is focussed on species sponsorship -see Species Sponsorship.

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