WOS Lifetime
Achievement Award

The WOS Lifetime Achievement Award is given to the person who have made a lasting contribution to ornithology in Wales. These are nominated by WOS members and associate Clubs.

Who can nominate?
Any member of WOS, affiliated bird clubs or Wildlife Trust bird group in Wales can nominate a person for the award. The nominee does not have to be a WOS member to receive the Award.

What do they win?
Each award is produced in glass for the winner to keep. They will be presented to the winner at the Conference, to which the nominee will be invited as a special guest.

How do I nominate someone?
Email your nomination to chair@birdsin.wales

Please include the following information:
1. Your name and contact details
2. Confirmation that you are a current member of WOS, a WOS-affiliated bird club or one of the Wildlife Trust bird groups (Pembrokeshire and Montgomeryshire)
3. The name and contact details of the nominee
4. Up to 250 words explaining why your nominee should win the Award. This will form the basis of the citation read at the award ceremony.

What is the timescale for nominations?
Nominations for the 2019 award have now closed and the award will be presented at the Annual Conference on 16th November.

Who has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award?
See who has been honoured so far in our hall of fame.

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